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Popular ActiVPN Coupon Codes

% OFF Discount Title
Up to 78% Off Deal Up to 78% Off On Plans
$9 Only Deal 1-Month VPN plan At $9
SALE Deal 68% Discount On Annual Subscription
SALE Deal 78% Off On 2 Year VPN Plan
$10 off Coupon Get $10 off a 36-month plan On Sign Up and Watch Olympic 2021

ActiVPN - Best VPN For Privacy:

If you are looking for advanced anonymity with absolute security when browsing or playing online games, the ActiVPN brings to you the Anti-DDOS which is the perfect solution for gamers. But gamers are not the only ones to benefit from the ActiVPN policies and features though. The VPN services offered by ActiVPN strive to provide you a secure way to connect to the internet without compromising on your online security.

Be it streaming high quality videos or hiding your IP address, the ActiVPN has gained the name of being the best in the field. With multiple VPN datacenters located in multiple countries across the world, they have options to choose from different protocols including OpenVPN, L2TP and so on. All the traffic is completely encrypted which assures you of absolute privacy while they don’t have any limitation on the data transfer either. And it supports multiple platforms and devices too.

ActiVPN free trial

Free trials give you the chance to enjoy the features of any service and then explore them to know whether it will work in your favor or not. When you are trying out the VPN service at ActiVPN for the first time or any other VPN, having a free trial will give you the chance to understand the features before committing to the same.

With ActiVPN though there isn’t an option for you to get a free trial as they only offer you with subscription plans. There are no options for you to check out the features of the ActiVPN without subscribing to one of their plans. However after committing to the plans if you have any qualms you can get in touch with their customer support who will try to smoothen out the issues. In cases where the resolution is not possible, based on customer and company discretion a refund might be done too.

ActiVPN 1 month plan deal

For those who are looking for short term plans like students and for the entrepreneurs who are looking for short term projects with VPN, ActiVPN offers a 1month plan deal. You can opt for this monthly subscription plan if you want a VPN for a very short period. With a monthly plan you can enjoy enhanced security and privacy on your online access to any content from across the world. Also with more than 60 servers you are guaranteed to get information from any website from anywhere in the world. Moreover this VPN service is compatible across platforms and also across devices.

ActiVPN 3 month plan deal

As far as short term plans go, anything from one month to three months can be classified as shorter term investments in VPN services. If you are not looking for a long term investment in VPN then the 3 month plan deal is just apt for you. However at the ActiVPN you may not find a plan that is for just three months. You can opt for their monthly subscription plan and then renew it every year for as long as you want, in this case for three months. You will continue to enjoy the same amount of security and privacy as with any other plans.

ActiVPN 6 month plan deal

More than the three month plan deal, the 6 month plan deal is just what you might need if you are looking for a slightly longer term of investment into VPN. The ActiVPN however doesn’t give you the choice to choose a semi-annual or the 6 month plan deal for now. You can instead go for their monthly subscription plan and then renew it every month for the period of six months. The flexibility with this plan is that you can extend it for more than 6 months or subscribe to a lesser period as you might need.

ActiVPN 1 year plan deal

Yearly plans are definitely the most sought after deals for they do not just offer you an incredible way to enjoy the VPN for the longest period, but it also help you to enjoy a good save on the cost front. With a discount offer you can save as much as 70% on the ActiVPN 1 year plan deal currently. The stock is not valid for long and if you are looking to make the most out of your VPN then you can choose the ActiVPN one year plan deal for your internet access. Despite the platform or device you use, this VPN works wonderfully well.

ActiVPN 3 year plan deal

Longer plans are always in demand as they offer you the chance to make the best in terms of cost and in terms of value. There are currently no single plan for a period of 3 years at the ActiVPN but they do give you a two year plan. You can opt for the two year plan and then extend it for another year if your requirement is only for three years. Of course if you want you can simply renew it and have the VPN services for a period of 4 years. There is more than 80% of cost save to be had too.

ActiVPN lifetime deal

Whatever extends for more than a year or stays for the longest period of time with the ActiVPN can be termed as the lifetime deal. And in that line of thought, the longest available subscription plan with ActiVPN is for a period of two years which also gives you a good save on cost for about 80%. There is no limitation on data transfer despite the plan that you choose. The connection gives you access to more than 60 servers across the world and you can connect as much as 5 devices under a single connection.

With different protocols including OpenVPN available for you to choose from, you can enjoy truly unrestricted access to internet from across the world with the ActiVPN. And by choosing the two year plan and continuing to renew it every time, you are looking at a lifetime relationship with the services too.

ActiVPN refund policy

If you want to get your investment back from the VPN service, as your expectations were not met, the scenario is highly unlikely especially with the ActiVPN. The ActiVPN works towards providing you with relentless and impeccable services in accessing content from across the world. And if you are wondering on what is the possible way out in case of the services not living up to your expectations then you would be glad to know that they have a dedicated customer support team to help you.

You can get in touch with their customer support team who will help in resolving any issues you might face while using their services. In case of the VPN services not meeting with your expectations you can be assured of them working to a possible solution that is favorable to both parties. While there is no definitive refund policy, the company does deal with it on a case to case basis.

ActiVPN coupon from Reddit

If you are looking for coupon codes to reduce your burden on the cost of subscription then you can choose from the various websites online. However some of them could just be fakes trying to scam you of the money. It is therefore important that you choose the source of these coupon or promotional codes with extreme caution. The Reddit has been a known platform for getting the coupon codes for various online products and services. Reddit also has the coupon codes for using at the time of subscription at ActiVPN too. You can choose what you need based on your needs.

How is ActiVPN unique?

ActiVPN allows you to connect to almost 5 devices through a single account connection and it gives you access to nearly 60+servers located across multiple countries across the world. This is also the reason why you will be able to access all the content from anywhere in the world without worrying about restrictions.

  1. The software is quite simple to understand and easy to use for anyone.
  2. There is a dedicated customer support team to guide you at every step of the way from installation.
  3. The VPN features improved features in terms of security and encryption standards which match to global standards.
  4. There are protocols including L2TP, OpenVPN and PPTP offered with the VPN.
  5. All the traffic is encrypted assuring you of absolute privacy at any juncture.
  6. It is compatible across multiple platforms and devices.
  7. There are no limits on the amount of data transfer.

How to use the ActiVPN coupons?

When you have a coupon code to use on the subscription at ActiVPN you have probably got yourself a big break. This will get you a good save on the cost of your subscription irrespective of the number of months you want to go for the subscription.  If you are wondering on how to use these coupon codes then you can simply follow the steps mentioned below to make the most out of them.

  1. To start with choose the plan that you would want to subscribe to
  2. After choosing the VPN plan, you would be required to register/login.
  3. You have to then make the choice for the payment method.
  4. Now you can enter the coupon code in the provision provided and hit on the apply button.

Enjoy the discount that your coupon code brings to you and have a safe time accessing internet.