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AirVPN Coupon Code: Best VPN Brand At Your Service

If you are seeking protection from privacy intrusion, snoopers, and other data mining entities from accessing your information, then you need a secure VPN service. With the VPN services, your access to internet is encrypted ensuring that your information is secure and you remain anonymous while having the freedom to access the content across the web.

The AirVPN started in the year 2010 with hacktivists and activists being part of the founding family. While the company started out offering free services, they added a commercial side to keep themselves afloat and sustainable.  They are well known for their no measures spared to keep the security intact and upholding the privacy of their clients. Their priority has client security before profitability.

They offer you some of the most interesting features to look forward to in a VPN.

  • You can get a completely new IP address that can no way be traced back to you and will keep your anonymity.
  • There is no logging or monitoring of any of the activities that you conduct online.
  • Perfect forward secrecy where there is a rekeying done every 1 hour from the initial key negotiation to ensure absolute privacy to your transmission.
  • Apart from OpenVPN, which is already an established reliable and secure way to connect to the internet, they also have alternate connection types like Tor, SSL, OpenVPN over SSH for countries that disrupt the OpenVPN. These are supported by the AirVPN servers across the world to ensure better access for you.
  • They offer the highest level encryption, which will keep you protected all the time.
  • Even your ISP will not be able to identify the type of protocol or traffic that you are using.
  • You can easily connect to any Wireless network without compromising your data or your identity. There will be no eavesdropping between the computer and the Wifi hotspot.

They do not discriminate between any protocols and are completely in support of net neutrality. They also have a referral system wherein you can refer your friends and make money while doing so.

AirVPN Free Trial

Like every other VPN service, there is a free trial offer from AirVPN, as well. This will help you to understand the different features of AirVPN and ensure that this matches with your expectations. You can choose the plans that you want to buy based on the free trial experience. Of course there will be a difference in the bandwidth and certain limitations when you are using a free trial offer.

In which case, you can go for a three-day plan that gives you complete access to many features and allows you the freedom to explore without any limitations. If you are happy with the features and it matches your requirements, you can then purchase a different plan or extend the current plan as per your needs. With short term plans gaining more popularity, the three-day plan is best suited to judge the performance of this VPN service and make a choice.

AirVPN 1 Month Plan Deal

If you are a student who is working on a short term project that requires extensive research online and a lot of privacy to complete, then these short term plans are your panacea. Even for the entrepreneurs and startup companies who are testing the waters with VPN, they can use this 1 month plan deal to understand what is on offer and how best they can put it to use for them.

 After a month, if you are happy with the features and you want to prolong the plan, then you can renew your subscription or upgrade to a longer-term plan depending on the needs. Like every other subscription, you can pay through multiple modes, including the latest Cryptocurrencies, and enjoy unlimited internet for a month with no inhibitions. There is always the choice to apply for a refund in three days if you are not happy with the service. 

AirVPN 3 Month Plan Deal

If you want something for more than a month but not for a year, then these three-month plan deals will work for you. As a short term plan, it is apt for project-based requirements, and also given the time duration, it also allows you to properly explore the different features under different scenarios as well. With an uninterrupted and unlimited bandwidth at your disposal, you can easily browse through with anonymity on any site.

The 3 month plan is quite popular among students and project specialists whose requirement does not go beyond the project period. You have absolute privacy and complete security about your personal information like your IP and transmission of information. Whether it is content that you are accessing over net or you are sending an email to your project team, you can rest assured about confidentiality with any of the plans at AirVPN.

AirVPN 6 Month Plan Deal

Whatever be the plan that you choose with AirVPN, all of them promise to provide you with the same amount of security and privacy as another. The 6 month plan deal is ideal for those who want a shorter and yet a slightly longer-term on VPN. There is, of course, the option to renew the subscription after the end of the period or upgrade to a much longer-term plan like the 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years plan, depending on your requirements.

The features will be worthy of your investment, both in terms of money and time. Be it transmission of information over email, or simply browsing through online, you are assured of complete secrecy at every step. With no logging of information at any stage, there is no cause to worry for you either. You can pay through any of the different methods for this plan too.

AirVPN 1 Year Plan Deal

When you want to go for a long term plan, but you don’t want to commit for too long either, then the one year plan is the best deal for you. Be it the service or the cost; you will find that these have more features to explore and available at a discount of nearly 41% on the overall cost. This is an excellent option for those who are looking to work with VPN on a long term basis.

If you are happy with the service, then you can always renew this plan for another year or extend it for three years. With this plan, there is no problem with constant renewals every month, and you will continue to enjoy service without any interruptions. You can make the payment once for the year through any of the modes that you are comfortable with, from bank transfers, cards, Cryptocurrencies to Paypal.

AirVPN 3 Year Plan Deal

Currently the AirVPN offers a deal that is as small as three days to as long as three years. If you are going for a three-year plan, then you have probably been already convinced of the features offered by the company. When you opt for a three-year plan, you will have the opportunity to make a profit on the cost, as there is as high as 60% discount on the total fee. 

If you are an entrepreneur who is sure about what you need from the VPN, then this plan is just for you. It not just helps you in saving money, but also time and effort.

The payment mode is the same for all kinds of plans, and you have the option to make use of the cryptocurrency as well. These long term plans can suit both the entrepreneurs and amateurs in the same manner which makes them all the better.

AirVPN Lifetime Deals

Buying a plan for the long term can also be termed as a lifetime deal. Whether you are going for a one year or a three-year plan, you can keep renewing it every time to make it into a lifetime deal. There might be situations where you may not find a lot of lifetime deals but long term plans available in the form of 1-3 years that you can subscribe to. And in the later years, the company might offer you a deal for a lifetime based on your membership subscription. With lifetime plans, you have plenty of offers that you can avail of.

In case of any issues that might arise while using these long term plans, you can get in touch with the customer support team who will guide you on your queries and answer your questions. There is no doubt that you will continue to extend the plan.

AirVPN Refund Policy

When you are opting for a secure VPN that ensures reliable encryption standards for all your transmissions, then AirVPN is the best. However if you happen to be unsatisfied with their service or you want to opt-out of the subscription for some reason, you have the option to get a refund. The policy on refund is quite simple with AirVPN. You have to send in your request for refund within 3 working days to AirVPN, from the time of payment of subscription.

You are required to send a written request for the refund to the address provided in their privacy note. There is no need for any explanation, and you can demand a refund of your subscription. The refund is not processed if it doesn’t meet the terms and conditions like later than 3 days of subscription, exceeded a traffic volume of 5GB, etc.

AirVPN Coupons From Reddit

Coupons are your best pals if you are looking to steal a deal on any purchase, especially if you want to make the most out of your AirVPN deal. And when you want to get the best of the coupons, which are genuine, then you have to look out for at Reddit. At Reddit, you will have coupons to choose based on the plans that you want to buy from AirVPN.

There are also plenty of offers and deals available on the website that you can make use of apart from these coupons. If you are going for a long term plan, along with the usual discount from the company, you will also get the opportunity to get a discount with these coupons from Reddit. Choose Reddit if you are looking to get genuine coupons that can be used at the AirVPN site to get yourself access to the best of the deals.

How is AirVPN Unique?

AirVPN does not just protect your privacy and security online, but it also offers invaluable service to its consumers.

  • There is no limitation on the traffic or the time, and you have access to all their exit nodes. This means more freedom to you.

  • You can get five connections at the same time through one account.
  • There are no limitations or costs on server switches.
  • They have high performing physical servers spread across many countries.
  • You can use any protocol from P2P, DNS, or forwarded ports.
  • There is no speed limit either, and it is purely dependent on the load of the server you use.
  • Use of OpenVPN, which is the most secure way of connecting to internet and is most reliable. Even the most brutal interference/spying techniques are bound to fail against it.
  • There is no fear of overselling or overbooking.

How to Use AirVPN Coupons?

If you are looking to make the best out of your deal on AirVPN, then the best way to go about is to opt for the AirVPN coupons. If you have these coupons, you can use them while making the payment for your plan at AirVPN service.

If you want to buy a plan, you need to first create an account with AirVPN, after which you can proceed to choose from their different plans.  As you choose the plan, you will be guided to the payment gateway or the checkout page. Here you will find the option to input the coupon code you have before the final checkout.

Enter the code in the space provided and get the discount as promised by the coupon.

AirVPN accepts multiple payment options, including Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. You can also use your credit or debit cards or Paypal to pay for your subscription plan.