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BolehVPN Coupon Code: Best Security VPN

With mass surveillance and malicious hackers dominating the internet there is no privacy of your activities online and no security to your personal information either. Every time you perform any activity online, be it simple surfing or streaming or downloading, you are leaving your footprints which can be easily traced. If you want to ensure that there are no markers left behind and keep your activities completely anonymous, then you need to make use of a VPN service like the BolehVPN.

With BolehVPN, you can access the geo restricted content as well, bypass any kind of censorship laid by any organization or authority, encrypt all your traffic both incoming and outgoing and ensure absolute secrecy with regards to your identity, when you are online. You can use the VPN to keep yourself protected even in a public network. Furthermore there are no logs created or saved for any of your activities either.

BolehVPN Free Trial:

If you are a new user, be it to the VPN industry or just to BolehVPN, you may want to try out the features before giving it a go ahead with the subscription. The free trial is the best way to explore the features of a service without wasting any money and to understand whether it really is what you need. The BolehVPN offers you a free trial for one day where you can understand, explore and use the different facets of their VPN services and subscribe to their different plans only when you are completely satisfied with the performance.

Even when you are using a free trial you are rest assured that you will have access to all their features which means you have unlimited bandwidth, no logging of activities, access to the 35 different servers placed in 12 different countries across the world.

BolehVPN 1 Month Plan Deal:

Whenever there is a need for using a short term plan on VPN the lowest duration you will find with any service is for a month. BolehVPN however offers you the chance to subscribe for duration of a week or 7 days if you want it. However we would recommend that you go for the 1 month plan if you are searching for the shorter period investments. Compared to a weekly plan this gives you ample time to finish your work and also to explore the features in detail. The monthly plan also works lighter on your pocket compared to the weekly one.

BolehVPN 3 Month Plan Deal:

When it comes to shorter term plans on VPN services, more than the monthly option going for a slightly longer period like that of three months could prove to be more beneficial. The BolehVPN offers you plans from 7 days to a year but they do not have a specific plan for three months or 90 days in their list of subscriptions. You can however choose their 2 month plan and then extend it to about another month or more as per your requirements. You can also go for the monthly plan and then extend it every month end for another month for however long you need.

BolehVPN 6 Month Plan Deal:

When it comes to choosing a plan that is slightly longer than the monthly options, the semi-annual or the 6 month plan deals always come out on top. And with BolehVPN you can go for their 180 day plan which is for 6 months. It is comparatively cheaper when subscribing for a monthly plan or a weekly plan and renewing it to the period of 6 months. Moreover even though it is a cost save there is no compromise on the features or the protection offered by the VPN during this period. You can extend this further or not depending on your need.

BolehVPN 1 Year Plan Deal:

The annual plans always are most sought out by those who know what they want in a VPN and they are assured that the VPN services are what they seek. The BolehVPN strives to provide you with the best of the features in VPN services with encryption standards that are world class and traffic obfuscation technology in the midst. And there is no question on why you wouldn’t want to continue this for a year or more. You can go for the yearly subscription with BolehVPN which will also cost you much lesser on the wallet.

BolehVPN 3 Year Plan Deal:

Three year plans are generally for those who are looking to use VPN for the longest period or who are looking on behalf of a company requirement. In such cases the long term investments definitely make more sense. But the BolehVPN with the best of the features currently does not offer any specific plan for the three year period. You can however choose the annual subscription and continue to extend it for as long as you want. This way you have the flexibility to end it in two years or extend it beyond the 3 years as per your current requirements.

BolehVPN Lifetime Deal:

When you know that the VPN has everything you want you definitely would want to start a lifetime relationship with the brand, which is nothing but a long term deal. And in that manner, any of the yearly plans can be termed as the lifetime deals. With the BolehVPN they currently only have the yearly subscription plan which you can opt for complete with all the features you would ever dream of having in a VPN service.

The yearly subscription plan with a validity of 365 days allows you to enjoy the unlimited access to internet from anywhere in the world at a much lesser cost. You also have the option to extend it beyond the year for as long as you want. In the meantime, if the company does come up with a lifetime deal you can then switch over to that plan at your convenience.

BolehVPN Refund Policy:

If you are wondering on what would happen if you happen to be dissatisfied with the services of the VPN after subscribing to the same. Well, you don’t have to worry as the BolehVPN has a well defined refund policy. If you have subscribed to a monthly or a plan for more than a month, then you have the option to initiate a refund request within the first 14 days of the subscription. In case you have a subscription to a lesser time period say for the weekly plan, then you have about 2 days within which you need to raise the refund request.

Refunds will not be done against Bitcoins or any other Cryptocurrencies and the terms and conditions page gives you detailed information on how these refunds will be dealt with. The team will first try to troubleshoot the issue failing which they will initiate the refund on your account.

BolehVPN Coupon From Reddit:

When it comes to getting a discount on your subscription at BolehVPN, you can definitely look out for the coupon or promo codes online. While there are many websites that promise to provide you with these promo codes choosing the right source is essential as you could end up falling prey to a scam. Reddit is a source well known for its authenticity. You can choose any number of coupons from Reddit and from a whole bunch of denominations too. You can use them at the BolehVPN for subscription to get a good discount.

How is BolehVPN Unique?

Every VPN promises to keep your privacy and security intact while you are browsing online and BolehVPN offers you the same features but with a few advanced features.

As a registered company, the BolehVPN routes the traffic selectively through their VPN and with their 35 servers allow you to access content from across the world without any restrictions. Furthermore they make use of the traffic obfuscation technology which means no one could even trace that you are using VPN to connect to the online network. The servers have the PKI infrastructure and are decentralized with easy customer interface. It can support multiple devices and also multiple platforms and has no limitation on the bandwidth either.

They also accept Cryptocurrencies for subscription which makes them an easier option for subscription to many. They have both fully routed and proxy servers to be used on your demand.

How to Use the BolehVPN Coupons?

If you have the coupon codes for the BolehVPN then you can use them to get a discount on your BolehVPN subscription on any of their plans, be it weekly, monthly or yearly. Using the coupon codes is quite simple and you have to do this at the time of subscription.

  1. To start with select from their different plans on the number of days you would need the subscription for. It could be for  7 days or for months or for the year.
  2. Once you have chosen the period for subscription you have to set up an account with them and register for their services.
  3. Then you can proceed to choose the payment method through which you want to pay for the subscription.
  4. After choosing the payment method you will find the provision to enter the coupon code on the same page.