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Change to Cactus VPN and Hide Your IP Address with Added Security Features. Use the Coupon code to get this Amazing Offer.


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$3.25 per month
Choose Cactus VPN and save 35% On All VPN Plans. Now Get it just for $3.25 per month.No Coupon Code Needed.


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Free Trial
Try it for Free and if you like it, go for the subscription! Free Trial For 24 hours, Comes with VPN and Smart DNS Package.No Coupon Code Needed.


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Choose Cactus VPN and for the first-month subscription, if you are not satisfied, Cactus VPN Offers a full refund under 30 Days Money Back Guarantee conditions.No Coupon Code Needed. Conditions Apply.


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50% OFF
Fantastic Offer! Cactus VPN Offers 50% OFF On All Plans for Existing Customers. Choose Cactus VPN and check over the plans for New Customers.No Coupon Code Needed to redeem this Offer.


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Get 85% Off Surfshark For 2 Years including 3 Months Free Usage. Use the Coupon Code to get this Offer.


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Super Offer at Cactus VPN!! Get 51% Off On All Plans. This Offer is applicable for only New Customers.No Coupon Code Needed.


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Pay in advance for 12 months and get 35% off. Offer Only Available for New Customers.No Coupon Code Needed,


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Pay in advance for 3 months and get 14% off. This Offer is applicable only for New Customers.No Coupon Code Needed.


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Cactus VPN Coupon Code: Best For Privacy

When you want to maintain your privacy and ensure absolute security while accessing internet, then you would need a smart VPN like the Cactus VPN. It allows you to keep your identity a secret and lets you choose any remote location to access internet from. It also allows you to keep your connection secure and helps you to bypass any restrictions or blocks you might encounter otherwise.

  • You can surf through the hordes of websites online without having the fear of someone looking over your shoulder.
  • Your IP address is kept anonymous even from your own ISP (Internet Service Provider) and keep yourself protected even from online marketers and advertisements.
  • Your connection is completely encrypted and you can easily browse through multiple restrictions and blocks placed by universities, governments, legal authorities, etc.
  • They have about 35 VPN servers located in more than 20 countries with access to 6 different VPN protocols to choose from.

Cactus VPN Free Trial:

Offering you the best in the world of internet, which is all about hassle free and unrestricted access to online content from anywhere in the world, the Cactus VPN is all that you need and much more. If you are still wondering if this is the right deal for you then you might want to try the same for free. They do offer a free trial for a period of 3 days. During this trial period you can enjoy the different features of their VPN services for no cost.

With the Cactus VPN being compatible across multiple devices and different platforms, you can truly enjoy the speed of internet and access to information without any worries. And you can now try it for free before actually subscribing to their plans. You can choose to subscribe to their monthly or yearly plans after the trial period only if you are satisfied with the performance.

Cactus VPN 1 Month Plan Deal:

If you are looking for shorter term plans because your project demands so or simply because you want to explore the features of the VPN before committing to it, the monthly plan is definitely the handiest. The Cactus VPN offers you a monthly deal which will allow you to make the best out of your internet browsing and streaming trips. The deal covers your online access holistically ensuring that you stay protected through their multiple servers in different locations of the world.  And if you want you can renew it for another month after the first month subscription or upgrade it.

Cactus VPN 3 Month Plan Deal:

When you want a VPN service that will last beyond a month but not for too long, then you may want to consider the 3 month plan deals. Cactus VPN also offers you a 3 month plan which can not only keep your privacy protected and your security well maintained but it also helps you save as much as 40% if you go for the monthly subscription plans. When you choose the three month plan with the Cactus VPN you will be able to enjoy unrestricted access to internet for three months period and extend or upgrade after that.

Cactus VPN 6 Month Plan Deal:

If you think that the monthly or the three month plan deal is too short for you then you can go for the 6 month or the semi-annual plan. While this is shorter than a year it gives you ample time to gauge the features and finish up your project without worrying about restrictions. Cactus VPN doesn’t currently offer you with a plan for 6 months though. You can either go for the monthly plan, renew it every month for as long as you want or go for the three month plan which can be renewed for another term or longer.

Cactus VPN 1 Year Plan Deal:

If you are looking for a longer term plan then yearly plans are more apt for you. With the yearly plans you can enjoy not just unrestrained access to internet for a year but it will also let you save on the cost front too. With the Cactus VPN you can save as much as 54% on your total bill when compared to subscribing it every month for a year. This is definitely a chance you wouldn’t want to let go of especially when you know that the VPN services are needed for a longer period.

Cactus VPN 3 Year Plan Deal:

When it comes to long term investments, then you may want to check for plans that go beyond one year. The three year plans are probably what people tend to opt for when they know they want to hire the VPN services for the longer time. Cactus VPN currently doesn’t offer you a plan that runs for three years but you can choose their recommended plan for 2 years which will also get you a cost save of about 60%. You can then extend the plan for another year or even two years if you are looking for a longer period to enjoy the VPN.

Cactus VPN Lifetime Deal:

Any long term plans can be classified as the lifetime deals and this includes both the single year and the two year deals available at the Cactus VPN. You can go for any of these deals and then continue to extend/ renew them for as long as you would want. With more than 35 VPN servers located in 22 locations across the world, the Cactus VPN truly lives up to bringing the content from across the world to you.

With the long term plans you will continue to enjoy free DNS and free proxy and they don’t log any of your activity at any stage either. With the long term plans you can enjoy the best of the encryption in data transmission for the longest period too. The company might launch a future lifetime deal which you can then subscribe to. Until then you can subscribe for their two year and continue renewing it every year.

Cactus VPN Refund Policy:

More often than not we wonder what would happen if we are not satisfied with the services of a VPN and what happens to the money which has been invested. With Cactus VPN you don’t have to worry much as they guarantee to return your money if you are not happy with their services. The refund is processed instantly provided you raise it within the first 30 days of the subscription.

Cactus VPN promises to protect your privacy while keeping your identity anonymous from all possible hackers. Be it the access to the various servers or the access to online content from across the world, Cactus VPN ensures that you stay protected no matter where you are accessing internet from. And they guarantee to return your money if you are not happy with their services. The customer support will help with your refund if you raise it within the first 30 days of purchasing the subscription.

Cactus VPN Coupon From Reddit

When it is about getting coupon codes for your subscription at the Cactus VPN you have to make sure that you choose the right source for the same. There are a lot of websites online which is trying to lure you with fake coupon codes. You have to be careful of them. You need to choose a trusted source like that of Reddit which will help you to get the coupon that you are looking for which is guaranteed to work in your favor. You can choose from a whole lot of options in terms of the coupon denominations and pick the one that is more suited for you.

How is Cactus VPN Unique?

The Cactus VPN makes use of 1gbps high speed servers which is well managed by a team of qualified professionals in admin who ensure that you enjoy the best security and speed no matter where you are accessing internet from. The encryption used by the Cactus VPN is also of the best in the industry which ensures that you access internet without divulging any information while also not compromising on the access speed.

Furthermore they give you access to 6 different VPN protocols and there are other advanced features like internet kill switch in case of a leakage in connection, protection from DNS leaks, speed based sorting of servers, easy switching between VPN protocols and also server switches. The VPN is compatible on multiple platforms and can be accessed on Amazon Fire TV, iOS, Android, Windows and Android TV, etc. There are about 35 servers located in above 20 countries to help you.

How to Use Cactus VPN Coupons?

Cactus VPN offers promo or discount codes from time to time which can be used to avail discounts when you are subscribing to their services. Using these coupon codes is not tough and you can use them by following the simple instructions as mentioned down below.

  • To start with you have to choose the duration for which you want to hire the VPN services. You can choose between the monthly and the yearly plans based on your requirements.
  • After choosing the plan, you can then proceed onto choose the right payment method as per your convenience from the options given in the screen.
  • After choosing the payment method before moving onto the checkout you will find the input box to enter the coupon code.
  • Enter the coupon code in the box provided and click on the apply button to have the same reflecting in your subscription bill instantly.