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Hide.me Coupon Code: Fastest VPN Service

Trusted by over 20 Million users across the world, hide.me is among the simplistic VPN services that assures you of the greatest speed and highest features. With a VPN network that spans different countries, the hide.me vpn has nearly 1500+ servers placed in around 60 locations across the globe, to ensure that you get the best of the privacy and security in browsing the internet.

With no logging of activity at any point of time, you are absolutely safe as you browse through any website and download any file.

They currently offer the users with three different plans viz., the monthly plan, the biannual plan for two years and the yearly plan. You can also go for the free plan which offers limited features and will allow you to test the ability of the network. The features are endless whatever plan you choose. The encryption is of the top standards in the industry and it works on all devices.

Hide.me Free Trial

If you want to check out the features of a VPN, but you don’t want to expend money before using it then you would be happy to know that the hide.me VPN service offers you with a free trial. Of course you will not have access to all the features that  you will get on a premium plan but nevertheless the free plan will be a good experience to gauge the features of the VPN network.

The free plan will have connections to servers in around 5 locations and you can connect only one device. And there is a limitation on the number of data traffic every month, currently set at 2GB per month. You can always try for the upgraded plans after your experience with the free plan, depending on whether the VPN lives up to your expectations. Even in the free trial you don’t have to worry about logs or ads.

Hide.me 1 Month Plan Deal:

When you are seeking a network for browsing the internet securely without compromising on your privacy, then you should first understand how the network works. In order to do that you can go for a free trial with limited features or opt for a short term plan like that for a month. Of course if your project or the reason you want a VPN is for a shorter term then again the monthly deals will work the best for you.

Hide.me offers premium plans which are available on a monthly subscription that you can opt for and choose to extend for however long you like.

Hide.me 3 Month Plan Deal:

Short term plans are meant for those who are looking for a VPN to finish off a project that doesn’t last for more than a couple of months. In such cases going for a yearly plan may not be an apt decision. You should rather go for a monthly plan, preferably for 3 months and then proceed to extend it for another month or so depending on your requirements. At Hide.me VPN they offer you a monthly plan which is extendable at the end of every month for as many months you want, giving you the flexibility to choose the timeline yourself.

Hide.me 6 Month Plan Deal:

If your project is not too short for a month but neither too long for a year, then the best option is to go for a VPN service for half year or the six months. At hide.me, there are no specific plans for semi annual subscription. However you can go for the monthly subscription and then proceed to extend it for the full six months for which you need to use them. And most importantly with these monthly plans, you can extend it to 7 months or shorten to only 5 months if that is what the requirements dictate at any given time.

Hide.me 1 Year Plan Deal

When we are speaking of long term VPN services, the yearly plans come into our vision and the hide.me VPN also offers its users with a yearly plan. And when it is about yearly plans, we are looking at solid savings on your subscription which is again guaranteed at more than 30% here if you opt rather than a monthly subscription. The features are the same whether you choose a monthly or a yearly subscription and you can be assured of absolute privacy and safety in here as well. The features are of the premium range in all plans at this VPN.

Hide.me 3 Year Plan Deal

There are a lot of users who are looking for really long term deals on VPN service providers. At the hide.me VPN there is no specific plan that is catered for those who want it for 3 years but you can go for a 2 year plan and then extend it to another 1 year if you want, as per your requirements. This also gives you the flexibility to go for a monthly basis after the first two years if you feel that there is no need for a one year plan. Or you can subscribe for two more years instead of a one year plan.

Hide.me Lifetime Deal

Lifetime deals are just for those who know that they want to have a tie-up with this VPN service and know that this is just what they need for the life. In that manner, you can say that all these yearly plans are in a way like a lifetime plan. In the hide.me VPN there aren’t any specific plans for a lifetime. But you can go for the biannual or the two year plan and continue to extend it for as many years as you want.

The features are endless with the yearly plans as they are of the premium kind and the encryption plus security is of the world class standards. There is also a chance that you might find these lifetime deals offered during the course of your subscription in the future. In that case, you can make use of the offer and get yourself a lifetime deal.

Hide.me Refund Policy

There is no reason for you to not like the services and the features offered by the Hide.me VPN service provider. However sometimes there are situations where you may experience some hassles or the service does not completely meet with your requirements. In such cases you can opt for the refund policy or the money back guarantee offered by the VPN service of hide.me.

The money back guarantee is valid only if you raise the refund request within the first 30 days from the time of subscription. The team will try to work out a solution that works in your favor failing which they will help getting the money refunded back to you instantly. There will however be no reason for you to not love this VPN service as it has everything made to be the best of its kind. From privacy to security, from accessibility to anonymity, there are nothing you wouldn’t get with hide.me.

Hide.me Coupon from Reddit

Coupon codes are alphanumeric codes designed to give you the subscription or the purchase at a discount online. There are many different web portals that offer you these coupon codes but you need to be wary of the scamming ones. And hence you need a source that you can put your trust in. That is why you should trust in getting the coupons for the Hide.me subscription from the Reddit. There are different coupons available in different denominations that you can make use of depending on the kind of subscription you want to do.

How Hide.me is unique?

With so many brands in the market for VPN, you might wonder which will be a better VPN to invest in. And hide.me just has the right set of features and offers you the best of the advantages that makes it quite distinctive.

  1. The servers are built to handle millions of users without having them annoyed at any interruptions or disconnections in between. So you can expect about 99.99% of uptime all the time with the hide.me VPN.
  2. The speed is above par with your expectations be it for surfing or streaming or viewing or downloading.
  3. The independently managed system ensures that your privacy is absolutely guaranteed and there is no logging of data at any juncture and no possibilities of leakage or hacking of your information either.
  4. There are multiple VPN protocols and it is quite compatible across different operating systems as well with a very strong encryption in place.

How to use Hide.me coupons?

If you have a coupon code that you can apply while subscribing to the VPN service at hide.me, then you have probably got yourself the best deal there is. Using the coupon codes is quite simple. All that you need is follow the simple instructions as given below and you can get a good deal on your subscription.

  1. Choose the plan that you want to opt for from the hide.me plans.
  2. Once you have chosen the plan, then you can choose the payment method that you want to use for the subscription.
  3. Once you have done that you can directly go to the billing page where you will find the option to enter the coupon code.
  4. Key in the coupon code you have in the box provided and you will be immediately given the updated bill amount that will be based on the discount offered by the coupon.