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HideMyAss Coupon Code: Best VPN Brand!

HMA (Hide My Ass) is among the leading VPN service provider that guarantees faster connections with zero compromise on privacy, in comparison to others.  Available with a 30-day money-back guarantee the deals are worth looking into with HMA.

The VPN service is quite simple to use, and it is a single subscription that can work across multiple devices you have. You have the option to use 5 devices at any time under the single subscription for this VPN.

Why Should You Choose the HideMyAss VPN?

There are many features on HMA, which makes it an apt VPN service for everyone. Some of them include,

  • Smart kill switch – Whenever there is a drop in connection to the VPN server, you can use this kill switch to ensure that there is no data leakage. You have the option to customize each app or for the entire system on Windows.
  • Split tunneling – You have the option to choose the apps that you want to be considered for the encryption service, unlike the many other services which require all your browsers and applications to be encrypted.
  • IP shuffle – You can shuffle your IP address every 10 minutes or once a day, as per your wish, and add another layer to your anonymity. It makes it impossible for the trackers to find you when you keep changing IPs.
  • Leak protection – All DNS requests are handled by their DNS servers ensuring that you are always protected from phishing and malware programs.
  • Military-grade encryption – They use the best of the encryption standards for your system, be it Android or iOS or Windows.
  • Automatic connection rules – You can choose either the mobile network or the Wifi or wired connection to trigger the automatic start of the VPN.
  • Fully encrypted servers – No one can access the servers of HMA VPN as they use 256-bit unbreakable encryption and keeps you protected at all times.
  • DDoS protection – With the strengthening of servers, you can rest assured of protection against any DDoS attacks and enjoy what the internet has to offer.

HideMyAss Free Trial

As the largest VPN service provider on earth, the HMA offers you a free trial where you can enjoy the features of the VPN without paying any money from your pocket. Even though it is a free trial there are no limitations whatsoever on any of the features offered to the users. While you are on the free trial period, which is available for a week, after which you can request for a refund, you can continue to enjoy the below features without any restrictions or limitations.

  1. Super speedy bandwidth with easy and quick access across the internet.
  2. Connect at lightning speed to any site and stay anonymous while browsing through.
  3. Perfect privacy guaranteed with no logging of any activities at any stage.
  4. Speed test feature available along with refreshing IP and kill switch.
  5. Has a presence in more than 280 locations across the world.

HideMyAss 1 Month Plan Deal

Short term plans are best for those who are looking to test the waters of the VPN service and check out the features, explore what they can do with it, etc. In that scenario, the HMA VPN doesn’t offer a specific monthly plan. But you can opt for monthly plan for 12 months, during which time you can explore most of the features of this VPN and then decide on the option that is best suited to you.

These plans are available for different platforms, including Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and other routers. They have a 7 day trial period and a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means if you are not satisfied with the deal for the month.

Short term plans are much sought out by those who are looking for a project-based requirement like students, project managers, etc., who can rather try the 7 day trial period.

HideMyAss 3 Month Plan Deal

3-month plans are the best when you are working on a short term project, and you want to keep your browsing and other online information private and secure.  You can go to the 12-month plan which is also available for a monthly basis. With short term plans being the best way to explore the variety of features and make a decision on what you need, these 3-month plans are on demand.

These short term plans are preferred mainly by students and the companies which are just testing out the VPN services and how they can benefit from it. You can make the payment through the regular payment methods. There is, of course, a 7 day trial period that you can use to know how the service works for you. The HMA VPN comes with exceptional customer support team who will guide you at every step of the way.

HideMyAss 6 Months Plan Deal

When you are looking for a temporary and yet an adequate time for your VPN service, then you should choose 6-month plan deals that will give you ample time to complete your work while experiencing all the features. Of course you have the choice to extend it after the period is over depending on how long you want the service.

The payment methods are quite simple as they accept all credit and debit cards at the checkout juncture. Once you have chosen the deal based on your requirement, you also have the option to request a refund after 30 days of activation, if you are not satisfied.

These plans are pretty apt for those who are looking for not so long a deal for their VPN. You can rest assured that you will have complete privacy and absolute secrecy online. You can browse anonymously across websites with no worries of tracking by others.

HideMyAss 1 Year Plan Deal

 If you are looking for long term deals, then you can start with this 1-year plan or the 12-month deal offered by HMA VPN. It is best suited for everyone who wants a long term partnership with a VPN service that will help you stay anonymous and preserve your privacy.

The plan is available at a discounted rate where you can save nearly 42% at checkout, as against a monthly payment plan. They accept all kinds of cards, including credit and debit, allowing you the flexibility to pay through multiple modes. You can also pay through Paypal. When it comes to long term plans, this is a good place to start with. You can enjoy the plan for a year, and if required you can change the plan or upgrade after that time. In case of any queries or questions you can get in touch with their customer support team.

HideMyAss 3 Year Plan Deal

When you are thinking of long term plan deals, why not go all the way with the three-year plan deal with HMA VPN service. Given that you are already happy with the service offered and you want protection that lasts longer and stays with you, you should be choosing the 3-year plan or the 36-month plan deal. It is not just a matter of choosing a plan for longer-term but it also helps you to save considerable amount in the cost.

When you go for the 3-year plan deal, you can save as much as 64% on the total cost as against a monthly plan. This is a huge save for an entrepreneur or a student, and that is probably why many prefer to go for the three-year plan deals. There is no limitation on the bandwidth or the features either.

HideMyAss Lifetime Deal

You may not find a lifetime deal with the HMA VPN services. However there are both 1 year and 3 year plan deals, which are as good as a lifetime plan deal with any others. You can go for the longest option of 3 years and then continue to renew or extend it at the end of the subscription period. You have the choice to upgrade or modify at the end of this period, which makes this long term plans a better deal.

And there might be a case where the company brings in a lifetime offer for the long-serving customers in the future which you will be able to benefit from. These long term plans offer you the perfect opportunity to enjoy unlimited features but at a lower cost, making it a sweet deal for anyone. You can always get in touch with their customer support for further assistance.

HideMyAss Refund Policy

Currently the HMA VPN offers a 7 day trial period and a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their service. You can, of course, choose to extend or proceed with an upgrade to your plan based on the experience in the first 30 days.

If you want to place a refund request, you need to get in touch with their support team through email or on their phone. You can even use your Account on the website to access the refund option for your account. You need to mention the reason for the refund and the order number to hasten the process. There will be a two day period for reviewing the case post, which the team will confirm to you on the processing of the refund request.

While there is a 30 day time period for processing refunds, there are some special cases where an extension is granted.

HideMyAss Coupons From Reddit

There is no better way to enjoy your subscription at HMA VPN service, than by having a discount. And when we speak of discounts, we have to mention the coupons, the ones that are readily available online. Of course, when we speak of online coupons, you need to be wary of the fake ones as they could be phishing or scams. This is where the coupons from Reddit come in quite handy as you know they are quite genuine, and you are assured of no compromise on your account either.

Choose the coupons from Reddit and apply them while making the payment for your subscription at the HMA VPN service website, and you will get an instant discount on the bill. Whether you are going for a simple monthly plan or you want to go for a 3 year plan, you have the choice to make the deal in your favor with the help of these promotional coupons.

How is HideMyAss Unique?

HMA does not differentiate whether you choose a monthly or yearly subscription and offers to protect a maximum of 5 devices on any subscription. They do not keep a log of any of your activities, and hence there is no cause of concern for you on possible leak of information from them. While there is a 7 day trial period that is free, HMA VPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction from the customers.

 They have servers in nearly 290 locations spread across 190 countries, which allows the users to gain access to massive information without having to reveal their identity at any point. There is no fear of getting blocked or getting tracked when you are using a VPN service like this. They have faster servers and assure you lightning connectivity from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

How to Use HideMyAss Coupons?

Using the coupons at the HMA VPN website is quite simple, and anyone can do it. However, if you are hesitant, follow the below simple steps after logging into the official website of HMA VPN.

  1. To start with, you have to choose the plan that you want to subscribe to. It could be the 12 months or the 36-month plan according to your requirements.
  2. After which you will be taken to the checkout screen displaying the shopping cart.
  3. On the same page, you will find a question below the list of items added, “Got a promo code?”
  4. Click on the same, and you will find an input box to key in the code in your hand.
  5. Enter the code and click on the “Apply” tab next to it to see the same reflecting as a discount in your bill amount.