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Hotspot Shield - The Fastest VPN:

You can now get access to all the content on the World Wide Web, without any restrictions or limitations and without compromising on your information security, using the best of the VPN services, the hotspot shield. Be it for streaming your favorite movies, games, sporting events or videos; you can use the most secure and fastest VPN service at the Hotspot shield.

There are more than 650 million users across the world who are enjoying their private browsing sessions on internet without the fear of anyone hacking into their accounts, thanks to the Hotspot Shield VPN. You can now join the millions and enjoy trouble-free internet access to any website from anywhere in the world without compromising on your information.

Why should you choose Hotspot Shield?

VPN services are designed to provide you absolute security and complete privacy while you are online, and the Hotspot shield goes a step further with it's patented and trusted technology in providing you the desired encryption standards.

  1. Unblock any websites through Hotspot shield, be it a website or a Facebook page or a Twitter page, or a school/ university page. You can easily pass the different filters and firewalls set up the websites, and access the content that you want without any inhibitions.
  2. There are many reasons as to why one would want to browse the net anonymously without revealing their identities. The Hotspot shield creates a tunnel that is completely encrypted between the computer you are using and the servers you are accessing so that you can enjoy anonymous browsing. You can do everything from making online transactions to visiting websites without revealing your identity on any website.
  3. With so many hackers and spammers you have to keep your information secure, hide your identity, and keep yourself safe from possible hack attacks, which are taken care of by the Hotspot Shield VPN.
  4. You can ensure that your access to the internet is secure despite the WiFi that you use for doing so, even from the public places, when using the Hotspot shield as your VPN service.

Hotspot Shield Free Trial:

While there are many experts and regular customer testimonies to confirm the speed and reliability of the Hotspot shield network for VPN, you might still want to try it in person to experience and validate the claims. This is where the free edition of the Hotspot Shield VPN is of more use. In terms of speed you will not find major difference between the free and the premium edition of the VPN service from Hotspot shield. The data that you access or input will travel through encrypted tunnels before the same is displayed to you or reaches its destination.

The free trial can be modified into a monthly or yearly plan whenever you deem it right based on your requirements and expectations. It is quite simple to use, and the connection can be extended to 5 devices using a single account, which makes it more flexible for everyone.

Hotspot Shield 1 Month Plan Deal:

Short term plans are often preferred by those who are venturing out new into the field of VPN or the students who are working on short term projects. These one month plan deals offer the same speed and connectivity as the annual plans and also the same features allowing you to enter the world of the internet without any restrictions or limitations.

With a single subscription connection, you can connect nearly 5 devices on multiple platforms, ensuring that you enjoy absolute privacy even on the go. You can choose from different modes of payments including various debit and credit cards, to pay for your plan. There is also Paypal for those who want to pay through it. You also have a 45-day money-back guarantee unlike any other VPN services, which speaks volumes on their reliability and trust about their own services. You can choose the one month plan deal for all your short term needs.

Hotspot Shield 3 Months Plan Deal:

If you think that using a plan for one month is too short of time and you need at least 3 months to gauge the performance of the VPN, or you have a project that runs for more than a month, then you can choose the monthly plan with duration of three months. Currently the Hotspot shield doesn’t offer a specific 3 month plan, but you can always choose a monthly plan and renew it for 3 months or more depending on your need. These monthly plans give you the flexibility to terminate even after a month if required.

Available at an affordable cost, these plans can be paid through multiple payment options, including Paypal, credit and debit cards. You can choose the payment mode of your convenience and proceed to subscribe to the plan for as many months as you want. Extend the plans to as many months as possible.

Hotspot Shield 6 Months Plan Deal:

Looking for a VPN plan that is not as long as a yearly one but still gives you enough time to finish up your project without worrying about information security? Then your best bet is to go for the half yearly, semiannual, or the 6 month plan deals. These give you the time to understand the features, explore the different possibilities and then use the features to your advantage. There is, of course, the choice to renew or extend or upgrade the plan that you are currently using after 6 months.

Currently, Hotspot shield has monthly plans which can auto-renew until you want to stop the same. You can use this option to enjoy the best VPN service in the industry for 6 months. There is much more flexibility in these kinds of plans as there is no fixed period to extend.

Hotspot Shield 1 Year Plan Deal:

There are often when entrepreneurs need to work on longer projects or students who need an annual service to help manage their projects. This is when you can go for the annual subscription plans at Hotspot shield VPN which will provide you absolute privacy and complete secrecy all through the year. You can access multiple websites and enjoy access to even the restricted content from any country with this annual plan at Hotspot shield VPN.

With connection to 5 different devices available through a single subscription, you are sure to make use of it with your family and friends. Most importantly you can access the internet through the encrypted tunnels even on the go as it supports multiple platforms. There are multiple payment options as well, making it easy for the users to choose the convenient method to pay for their subscription.

Hotspot Shield 3 Year Plan Deal:

When it comes to long terms, there is nothing better than a 3 year plan deal as it gives you ample amount of time to understand the features, enjoy what it offers and of course make sure that your project is completed well on time. You can go for this when you are confident about the plan that you are looking for. With Hotspot Shield you are guaranteed absolute privacy and amazing speed and reliability and now for an extended period with yearly plans.

You can either go for yearly plan or a two-year plan with the Hotspot shield. You can then extend it for another year or two years, depending on what you need then. Currently there are no plans for 3 years with the Hotspot shield, but there are chances of the same coming up shortly.

Hotspot Shield Lifetime Deal:

When you want to partner with a VPN service provider for life, then you need to look for the best in speed and reliability like the Hotspot Shield. Lifetime deals are just for you. However, if you are searching for lifetime deals with the Hotspot Shield, you may not find an option such as that. You have to go for a yearly or a two-year plan and continue to extend it for as long as you want. Of course, there is every chance of different long term plans being announced by the company in the future, which you can then upgrade to.

In terms of reliability and faster connection with no compromise on information security, you can rely on building a lifetime partnership with the Hotspot shield. They offer you the plans at a discounted rate compared to the monthly options, and you are benefiting in choosing them.

Hotspot Shield Refund Policy:

With 24/7 live support on the technicalities, the Hotspot shield offers you unbelievable offers when you go for the yearly or monthly plans as per your convenience. There are also multiple payment options enabling you to enjoy the deals without worrying about payment hassles. Of course, there is always the question of what you should do if you are not satisfied with the service or you want to discontinue the services for various other reasons.

You have the option to get a refund on your Hotspot shield subscription using their 45-day money-back guarantee. They offer you this guarantee on purchase of any plans, be it monthly or yearly or for two years. You can request the refund citing the reason for termination, and the request will be processed as soon as possible by the team at Hotspot Shield. They will try to resolve the issue, failing which the money will be refunded.

Hotspot Shield Coupons From Reddit:

Coupons are your best bet when it comes to getting discounted deals on your subscription at any VPN service, including the Hotspot Shield. However, there is always the threat of going through a fake or scam web portal, which might result in your account getting hacked or your information security compromised. This is why there is a need to get these coupons from a trusted source such as the Reddit.

Reddit is well known as the place to get coupons for multiple companies, and it is the place to choose for Hotspot shield coupons as well. With privacy where you can place trust on, you are offered the chance to enjoy ultra-fast servers placed in different countries, nearly 70 of them.  With a discount coupon at hand, you are sure to enjoy these services on five different mediums/ platforms without the fear of losing information or compromising on privacy.

How is Hotspot Shield Unique?

When it comes to choosing a VPN, the first thing to look for is the speed and the security it can offer. While every service provider will claim to be the fastest, having an expert testimony will leverage the position. In that note, there are plenty of experts who have tested the Hotspot shield for its efficiency and speed and have testified to its claims on being the fastest VPN. The technology used by Hotspot shield is verified and vetted as the best for speed in TechRadar, ZDnet, Comparitech, and PCWorld.

With the Hotspot shield on your side, you can now unblock any website, access any content, browse the websites anonymously and enjoy enhanced security on any WiFi. It will keep your information, including your IP address secure from possible hackers, even including the ISP. Furthermore, it also keeps your device and your information safe from any possible malware attacks.

How to Use the Hotspot Shield Coupons?

If you have a coupon code for Hotspot Shield, then you have hit the jackpot. You can use these coupon codes to get the desired discount on your Hotspot shield VPN service. You can use the coupon codes on any of the three plans available with Hotspot Shield. Be it a monthly or annual plan; the use of these coupon codes is bound to improve your discount and reduce the bill considerably.

Using these coupon codes is pretty easy as you have to key in the coupon code at the time of checkout. To start with, choose the plan you want to buy, enter your email address for the bill followed by your payment details for processing. At the time of checkout you will find a provision to enter the coupon code or the discount code you have. Enter the code in the space provided and let the website calculate the discount on your total bill.