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NordVPN Coupon Code: Best VPN Brand At Your Service

Using a paid VPN service can entitle you to several benefits. With the help of a VPN service, you can keep your online activities hidden and secure. A VPN service is the best solution for those who seek anonymity on the web. A reliable and trusted VPN service can enhance your overall internet browsing experience. This brings us to one of the top VPN brands on the market, NordVPN.

NordVPN was founded by a group of childhood friends back in 2012. For all these years they have provided an excellent service to its users. They received a great response right after the installation of their first VPN server. This encouraged them to continue their work, and that’s how NordVPN was born.

In a very short time, NordVPN was able to gain over 12 million users worldwide. Today, it has become one of the most trusted online security solutions on the market. Not just that, but the brand is even recognized by top IT security specialists and tech sites.

The company offers you different VPN plans to suit your needs. They have something in store for every type of customer. Whether you want to go long-term or short-term, you will find all sorts of options from them. They also offer you with several useful features to enhance your experience. With NordVPN services, you can stay safe online all the time.

There’s no match for NordVPN, as you will hardly find any other service to offer features like NordVPN. It allows you to enjoy the internet with no restrictions. Whether traveling or not, you can always have access to your favorite sites without worrying about bandwidth limits and censorship. Not only that but it also makes you feel safe on any device. You can secure up to six devices using just one single NordVPN account.

They also take good care of their customers. With their 24/7 customer support, they are always there to help you. No matter what the issue is, you can give them a call anytime you want. They have an undying dedication to their customers, for which they also won awards. 

There’s no argument to defeat that NordVPN is one of the best VPN services on the market. This could be the perfect option for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable VPN service. You can go through the details of their plans below.

NordVPN Free Trial

NordVPN is one of the very few providers that gives you the privilege of opting for a free trial. However, it is not completely free. You can enjoy their trial pack with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This makes your purchase completely risk free. If you are not happy with their service, then you can claim your money back anytime within 30 days. They promise you a full refund if you are not satisfied with their service. 

Previously, they had a 7-day trial plan which was available free of cost. You didn’t have to charge a single penny to use this plan. It was meant for new customers who would want to give their services a try. But unfortunately, they stopped this plan due to scammer abuse. Now they have a paid trial plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The benefit of having a trial plan is that you can try their service for free. Once you are sure about their services, you can then opt for a longer plan. You can check out the different plans offered by them. All the plans and their details are fetched on their official site itself.

NordVPN 1 Month Plan Deal

One of the shortest plans offered by NordVPN is the 1-month plan. This plan is perfect for those who are using the service for the first time and are not sure whether they will continue with the same service.

The 1-month plan is available at $11.95 per month. It’s an affordable plan, and therefore, everyone can use it. The cost of the plan is lesser than most other VPN services out there. This plan is also suitable for students and people who are looking for a temporary online security solution. With NordVPN, you can get the best VPN services for 1 month. If you are pleased to use their services then you can extend it by opting for a longer plan.

You can buy the plan from their site. But before that, you need to create an account on the site. Once you have your account ready, you can pay for any plan you want to buy.

NordVPN 3 Month Plan Deal

NordVPN doesn’t offer any 3-month plan. They have multiple plans for both their short-term and long-term customers, but the 3-month plan is not on the list. If you are looking for a short-term plan, then you can opt for the 1-month plan we talked about in the previous section. You can use the 1-month plan for a very minimal amount. Once your duration is over you can either choose to stay or leave.

NordVPN 6 Month Plan Deal

If you are looking for a 6-month plan from NordVPN then you should know that they don’t have any such option available. They have a 1-year plan instead of a 6-month plan. So if you are looking for a temporary solution, then the 1-year plan would be the perfect option for you. You can find the details of the 1-year plan on the site.

NordVPN 1 Year Plan Deal

Anyone looking for an affordable VPN plan can opt for their 1-year plan. It comes at the cost of only $6.99 per month. By opting for this plan you are saving around 41%. The cost of the plan for the whole year should be $143.40, but you are paying just $83.88 every year.

This plan is perfect for students as they can afford it easily. If you don’t want to spend more on VPN services but want to enjoy excellent services then this is the perfect plan for you. By choosing this plan, you can save a lot of money. You can renew the plan every year. You can even switch to other plans after a year.

Paying for NordVPN plans is simple as they offer a variety of payment options. This makes it easier for you to make the payment. You can choose any of the available payment options to buy the plan. They offer PayPal, Credit Card, and Alipay. They also accept cryptocurrency payments.

NordVPN 3 Year Plan Deal

The next plan offered by NordVPN is for permanent and long-term customers who are sure to stay stuck to NordVPN services. This 3-year plan can save you a lot of money. It is available at just $3.49 per month which is even lesser than the 1-year plan. If you want to save more, then you should opt for a long-term plan. This is one of the longest plans they have on their list.

By choosing this plan you can save 70%. If you had to pay $11.95 per month then the actual price of the 3-year plan would sum up to $430.20 in a year. But instead of that, you are just paying $125.64 per year. This plan is suitable for both individuals and companies. By opting for a long-term plan you don’t have to bother yourself paying for your VPN services every month. So if you are willing to save more money, then you should consider opting for the 3-year plan.

Another good thing about this 3-year plan is that it is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you have bought the 3-year plan out of excitement and now you regret your decision, then you can ask for a full refund within 30 days of buying the plan. However, this is the best NordVPN plan you will find on their site. With this plan, you can enjoy the biggest savings, and it is fully refundable.

NordVPN Lifetime Deal

Almost all reputed VPN services have stopped offering lifetime deals. Instead, they offer you long-term plans of 2 or 3 years. In the case of NordVPN, you have the 3-year plan, which we just talked about in the previous section. This is the best plan offered by NordVPN. It costs you less than $4 a month and comes with a 30-day full money-back guarantee. This gives you the chance to try it out risk-free.

However, there was a time when NordVPN used to offer a Lifetime deal to the customers. But they realized that it doesn’t make any sense, so they have stopped it now. As a replacement, they introduced the 3-year plan which is the longest plan they have on their list. This can be considered as a lifetime plan in the internet field. Because let’s face it, none of us know where will technology be in the next 4 years.

In case you face any problem with the 3-year plan or for that matter, any other plan you can straightaway call their customer support. They offer 24/7 customer service to solve your problems.

NordVPN Refund Policy

According to the NordVPN refund policy, if you want to claim a refund, you have to do it within 30 days of purchasing the plan. You will not get your money back if you are applying for a refund after 30 days.

You can ask for a refund in case you are not satisfied or wish to discontinue their services. Before refunding, they will try to troubleshoot the issue you are facing. There are common configuration problems that you may face with NordVPN. But that can be taken care of by their customer support team. You do not have to discontinue their services for that. They pay full attention to the needs of their customers. They will encounter every issue that you face with their services.

NordVPN Coupon from Reddit

If you are looking for NordVPN coupons, then you can get it from Reddit. These coupons can help you get a further discount on their plans. You can get coupons of different values from Reddit. Most of these coupons are applicable to the 3-year plan.

How is NordVPN unique?

NordVPN is probably one of the best VPN services you will ever find. They are trusted not only by individuals, but they are also used by tech companies and top IT professionals. This shows how efficient and reliable their services are.

There are so many things that make the brand unique. From their plan features to pricing, they have everything on point. You can get the best of VPN services from them at a very affordable price. If that is not enough, then you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

No matter which plans you choose, you are sure to enjoy complete privacy on the net. With NordVPN, you can keep your online safety intact. Unlike other VPN providers, they don’t leave their customers after they buy the plan. NordVPN offers 24/7 customer service to solve all your issues. All these factors make the company a unique one.

How to use NordVPN coupons?

You can use NordVPN coupons to get additional discounts on their plans. If you are wondering how to use their coupons, then here are the steps to follow.

  • Go to the official NordVPN site.
  • Select the plan you want to buy.
  • Navigate to the payment page and select a payment method.
  • Before making the payment, type in the coupon code in the given space. You will get an instant discount on your total bill.

Thus, you can see how easy it is to use their coupons. You should keep in mind that you need to create an account on their site to buy any of their plans.

To conclude, NordVPN is one of the best-paid VPN services providers you will find in the market. They offer you the best of everything you need in your VPN services. With their VPN services, you can feel safe online. It is guaranteed that you will never regret buying their services.

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