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If you are looking to keep your internet traffic, browsing history and other information private, then you need a secure VPN service that guarantees privacy and security.

As a community-supported VPN service, which guarantees utmost security, ProtonVPN started as a crowdfunded project. The project started to protect the information on Protonmail shared by journalists and activists. With headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, the ProtonVPN is a subsidiary of the Proton technologies AG supported by European commission and FONGIT.

Comprising of a team of engineers, developers, and scientists, the ProtonVPN guarantees absolute privacy online and security of information shared through their VPN. The team has been consistently on the front lines supporting and fighting for online privacy and security, in multiple forums. They have also kept abreast of the latest internet technologies and use their expertise to improve security for public online.

ProtonVPN is well known for its,

  1. Transparency in running their service ensuring that you are well aware of who is behind the process.
  2. Honesty is letting the consumers know what they can protect and what does not fall under their protection.
  3. They don’t compromise on the encryption protocols to be followed or the security standards.
  4. Their track record for excellence in protecting online security and privacy is well known, and so is their quality of delivery.
  5. As a community-supported VPN, they place more value on the community and assure support to all users, including free users.
  6. There are no barriers to internet censorship, and you can access any website and any content without worries of privacy being compromised.
  7. They do not keep any logs of the users or the websites they access, neither do they share this information with any third parties.
  8. Accessibility to any content on the internet without any surveillance through their anonymous VPN service.
  9. Single-click access to Onion sites through the Tor anonymity network.

Making online security accessible and privacy possible to everyone has been the objective of ProtonVPN. They keep your information safe while allowing you access to every website and content.

ProtonVPN Free Trial

To provide online privacy and security to everyone, ProtonVPN offers you secure VPN services that allow you to access all the content on internet anonymously if required. If you are still hesitating about making a decision, then you would want to try their free trial offer.

You can connect one device on the free VPN, unlike 10 devices on the paid version. You can also access three different countries under free VPN, which can be extended to 30+ by a simple upgrade.

Even if you are selecting a free trial, you are guaranteed with,

  1. No limits on speed or data
  2. No advertisements
  3. No logs of your online activity
  4. Complete protection of privacy is governed by the laws of Switzerland.

The free VPN is supported by funding through the paid users, and you can choose to upgrade or not based on your experience and requirements.

ProtonVPN 1 Month Plan Deal

ProtonVPN offers multiple deals to suit the requirements of different users. There is a basic plan which is best suited for those who are very new to this and who wants to explore what they can do with a secure VPN. If you are looking for an added advantage, you can always upgrade to the Plus or the visionary plans. The rates of these plans vary based on what you choose.

All the plans are available on a monthly or yearly basis, and you can choose based on your experience with ProtonVPN. If you are a new user, then you can go for a one month plan on the basic and then upgrade or extend the plan according to your requirements. It is very simple to subscribe to this plan where you have to go to the website and choose the plan and duration of your choice.

ProtonVPN 3 Month Plan Deal

ProtonVPN offers some of the best deals for both free and paid users. As a free user, while your access to the countries might be restricted, you will still have unlimited access to speed and limits with absolutely no advertisements. If you are looking for a temporary deal that doesn’t last longer than three months, then you can subscribe to any of the plans offered by them.

Of the three different plans offered by ProtonVPN, basic, plus, and visionary, you can choose any of them for three months. With three months of the plan, you will have the time to test out the various features and explore the different aspects. After three months, you can either extend the same plan or you can choose to upgrade to a different plan based on your requirements. These kinds of short term plans are apt for students or temporary users of VPN.

ProtonVPN 6 Month Plan Deal

While short term plans can come in handy for many, there is always a need for a slightly extended period to completely experience the features of VPN that ProtonVPN has to offer. Again you have the option to choose from the different options like basic or visionary or plus based on your needs. If you are looking for connectivity to many devices then the visionary will be the apt one, and for those who are only looking for two devices, the basic plan might suffice. You can read through the features offered in each plan and then choose them to subscribe for 6 months.

Chosen by project members or students who are looking for a shorter period of access over a secure VPN, this gives you unlimited access to internet content across the world during the 6 months. And there is always the choice to upgrade or extend if you wish.

ProtonVPN 1 Year Plan Deal

Apt for the professionals and entrepreneurs, who want to have extended access to secure VPN for sharing information with consumers and within their organization, the one year plan gives you the same access and speed as any other deals. You can either go for the basic or the plus or the visionary plans of ProtonVPN as per your requirements. All the plans are available on a monthly and yearly basis, and you can choose the one year option while subscribing to this plan.

When you are going for a yearly deal, then you also get to save some money in your wallet, in comparison to when you choose to go for a monthly plan. The savings will vary based on the plan you choose, and you can extend the plan or upgrade the plan after use for one year. With secure core servers to route the traffic, you have nothing to fear when using it.

ProtonVPN 3 Year Plan Deal

ProtonVPN offers all the plans on either monthly or a yearly basis, which is open for renewal or upgrades at the end of the period. Of course when you go for the yearly deals, you are entitled to a discount of about 20% of the total price. You can choose for one year and then extend it every year or subscribe to a three-year plan directly depending on what you need.  

The 3 year plan deals will work for those who are continually required to communicate important information on the internet and who have to access multiple websites anonymously. If you are looking for a long term plan, then it is wiser to choose the plus or the visionary option as it gives you more flexibility in terms of the number of countries you can access and the number of devices that can be connected to this secure VPN.

ProtonVPN Lifetime Plan

When you are happy with the free trial offer, and you are looking for a longer partnership with ProtonVPN for all your VPN needs, then the lifetime plans are what you should be looking at. However, you may not find any specific lifetime deals in the pricing section as they offer yearly plans. You can however choose these yearly plans and then later extend them for as long as you want. You are required to renew the subscription at the end of every year or 3 years or upgrade it whenever you feel the right time.

Depending on the user activity, they may come up with lifetime plans in future in which case you will be notified of the same. You can then choose to subscribe to these plans and enjoy better flexibility at a lower cost. They have a very strong support team to guide you through every step.

ProtonVPN Refund Policy

ProtonVPN has a track record for offering the best VPN services with no compromise to the quality of privacy and security to users. They are currently offering a free trial, which is not limited to any time or other conditions, with access to one device for all its users. That is probably why you may not find the need for a return or refund for your account.

However if you happen to look for a refund, you can do so under their money-back guarantee where you can mail to their support team. The refund will be processed if the purchase period did not extend beyond 30 days. You will be refunded with the prorated cost based on the usage for the remaining time in the 30 days. Any refund beyond this time frame is subject to the discretion of the company.

ProtonVPN Coupons From Reddit

Finding the coupons for ProtonVPN can save you quite an amount of money. But there are often when you are not sure if what you find is an original coupon or a fake one to lure you in for a phishing scam. It is, therefore, imperative to search for valid coupons that you can use at the ProtonVPN website, and Reddit is a source on which you can place your trust.

There are multiple discounts that you can find at the Reddit coupons on the different plans of ProtonVPN. You can choose any of them based on your plan and the kind of deal you are looking for. You can then use it while subscribing to the plans for ProtonVPN. It is, even more, assuring when you are going for long term or lifetime plans where the money involved is quite high, and you don’t want to take any chances.

How is ProtonVPN Unique

The very fact that they offer a free VPN service to all users without any inhibitions on the speed or time or data is a distinctive feature of ProtonVPN. They also offer other features which make them quite distinctive from other VPN services including but not limited to,

  • A secure core server which ensures that even the endpoint server under surveillance will not be able to track your IP address.
  • They ensure that your encrypted traffic is neither decrypted nor captured at any point.
  • Based out of Switzerland, which is the home for the strongest laws in privacy.
  • Integration with Tor anonymity network to access onion sites without revealing your identity.
  • There are absolutely no logs about your browsing history or any other information anywhere.
  • You can connect up to ten devices based on the plan that you choose with unlimited bandwidth.

How to Use ProtonVPN Coupons

Having coupons for ProtonVPN can give you an added advantage in getting a secure VPN at a lower cost. These are offered occasionally by the company to both existing and new customers.  You can find them on the official website and the social media pages of the company like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Visit the official website of ProtonVPN and choose the plan that you wish to purchase.

  • You will have to create an account to subscribe to any of the plans.
  • Once your account is created, you can then go to the payment page and provide information for the payment processing.
  • At the checkout juncture, you will have an input box to share any coupon code that you might have.
  • You can enter the coupon code in this place and click on checkout to have a discount on your total bill.

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