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$1 Only
Try SwitchVPN for just $1. All features included! Cancel Anytime! No Coupon Code Needed!


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Connect up to 6 devices for $71.88/year!All features included with a 30-day money-back guarantee.No Coupon Code Needed.


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Connect up to 3 devices for $47.88!All features included with a 30-day money-back guarantee.No Coupon Code Needed.


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Connect up to 3 devices for $47.88!All features included with a 30-day money-back guarantee.No Coupon Code Needed.


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Connect up to 6 devices for $9.99!All features included with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.No Coupon Code Needed.


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Enjoy 2021 Summer Olympics from any location with VyprVPN And Get $10 off a 36-month plan On Sign Up! Use the Coupon Code to get this Offer!


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Get 55% Off On All Services At WorldVPN! Use the Coupon Code to Get This Offer! Please note That this offer is neither transferrable nor combined With Anyother Offer!


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Popular SwitchVPN Coupon Codes

% OFF Discount Title
$1 Only Deal 3 Day Trial Plan For $1
$5.99/Month Deal Yearly Family Plan :$5.99/Month
$3.99/Month Deal Yearly Premium Plan :$3.99/Month
$3.99/Month Deal Yearly Premium Plan :$3.99/Month
$9.99/Month Deal Family Plan :$9.99/Month

SwitchVPN Coupon Code: Best VPN Brand At Your Service

You can now browse limitlessly online without the worry of getting hacked or censored across any content with the SwitchVPN services. The SwitchVPN offers you with undeniably the best specifically for those who are looking for absolute privacy online. You can have anonymous web browsing, amazingly fast streaming, absolutely anonymous downloading, sharing files P2P and also bypass the censorship on internet.

The SwitchVPN also offers you protection when you access internet through the public WiFi and hotspot connections. With IP masking facilities, the services also include plans for both individuals and for families at monthly and yearly basis. There is no logging of any traffic or any access that you do with the VPN from SwitchVPN and it is among the fewest of the VPNs that will work in China. Depending on the plan you choose you can access as many as 6 devices (families plan) to connect through a single account.

SwitchVPN Free Trial:

Free trials help you to make a judgment on the different features offered by the SwitchVPN and allow you to make an informed decision. The SwitchVPN currently offers a free trial period of 3 days where you can access the VPN services, all of them at a mere cost of about $1. And there will not be any limitation on the features you can explore during this time. You can even access the premium features during this trial period which allows you to make an informed decision on whether you want to subscribe to their plans or not.

Starting a 3 day trial doesn’t require you to spend too much time or take up too much hassle. It is just a simple click and you will be able to access all the features at the mere cost of about $1 for three days. You can then decide whether you want to extend the subscription.

SwitchVPN 1 Month Plan Deal:

If your requirement for the VPN services is for a very short time, then you may want to go for the monthly plan. The SwitchVPN currently offers both premium and families plan at the monthly level. The premium plan will allow you to connect as much as 3 devices while the families plan will let you connect as much as 6 devices using a single connection.  Whatever be the plan you choose you can enjoy unlimited and uninhibited access to internet for an entire period of 1 month. And there is of course a money back guarantee in 30 days too.

SwitchVPN 3 Month Plan Deal:

What is more profitable for short time projects and business owners, who want a VPN security for a shorter period, is the 3 month plan deal. The deal will be valid for three months. However SwitchVPN currently doesn’t offer you a plan that is valid for a period of three months. You can go for the monthly plans on both premium and family editions and continue to extend the same every month for three months or longer if required. The features are endless and so is your access to internet where there are no restrictions to worry about.

SwitchVPN 6 Months Plan Deal:

If you are looking for a VPN service to keep your information safe and your identity anonymous, with port forwarding options then SwitchVPN has them all and more. The 6 month plan will be best suited for those who want the VPN on a shorter term. While SwitchVPN currently doesn’t support any plan that is valid only for 6 months you can always go for the monthly plan and renew it every month for 6 months or longer or shorter as desired. The plan can be availed for both premium and family accounts for as long as you want.

SwitchVPN 1 Year Plan Deal:

If you are choosing to extend your subscription for a longer period with the SwitchVPN then you will have to go for the yearly plan at the same. You can get these one year plans on both premium and family level plans and the features are quite extensive. The features offered by the company on both monthly and yearly plans are the same which are designed to allow you having the best out of the VPN services. The VPN which works on all the platforms, while availed for the year will let you save as much as 40% on the total bill. 

SwitchVPN 3 Year Plan Deal:

You can enjoy unlimited and uncensored access to any content online without worrying about censorships or other geographical restrictions with the VPN for a longer time with the three year plans. Currently though, the SwitchVPN doesn’t offer any plan for a period of three years. You can however opt for the yearly plans and then continue with the same for as many years as you want the VPN services for. There is no limitation on bandwidth either which makes it a viable option for yearly investments. Whether you choose for a year and renew or not, the features are offered without any bias.

SwitchVPN Lifetime Deal:

If you want to surf the internet and access content from all over the world without leaving any footprints about you or your IP, then you have to place your trust in a reliable VPN service like the SwitchVPN. The VPN services allow you to enjoy everything the internet has to offer without worrying about restrictions and hence a long term investment in them is the most prudent option too. However if you are looking for a lifetime deal, the SwitchVPN currently don’t have a plan as such.

You have to choose the yearly plan and then proceed to renew it every year for as long as you want. And there is a possibility that the company will introduce a lifetime deal in the meantime which you can avail of. Until then you can continue to enjoy protection even on the Public networks and WiFi, unlimited bandwidth and kill switch to avoid information leak in their yearly packs.

SwitchVPN Refund Policy:

A very important and a most sought out aspect in all services that we normally look for is the option to get a refund. This is in situations when the product or service doesn’t live up to your expectations. While this is a very rare possibility with the SwitchVPN, they do offer a money back guarantee which further backs up their claims of being the best VPN.

You can use this money back guarantee despite whether you choose the premium plan or the families plan. You can claim for the refund on your subscription using their money back guarantee which allows a window of refund request in the first 30 days of subscription. While you try the features of the VPN if you feel that the same is not matching up to your expectations you can get in touch with the expert customer support at SwitchVPN. They will help in initiation and refund request for your money.

SwitchVPN Coupons From Reddit:

Coupon codes are your best bet if you are looking for a reduced bill amount on your subscription at SwitchVPN. While the prices are already quite competitive, you can still get a reduced bill with a promo or coupon code. If you are wondering on where to find these coupon codes you can simply search for them online. But keep in mind that there are many trying to swindle you if you are not careful. Therefore place your trust in a reliable source like Reddit which has quite a few different coupon codes to choose from for your VPN subscription.

How is SwitchVPN Unique?

In an effort to make the internet open to everyone where people can browse anonymously and stream or download files without the fear of anyone tracking your activities, the SwitchVPN offers the best of the technology in their VPN services.

  1. The VPN tunnel developed by the SwitchVPN is the best in class and offers you the best in class security while you are online. You can anonymously browse the internet without revealing your identity at any stage.
  2. You can bypass the censorship or any other restrictions online and access content from across the world.
  3. There is protection even when you access internet through public WiFi and hotspots.
  4. An automatic kill switch to help if there is a connection drop to prevent from IP leakage.
  5. Masking of your IP address to ensure that you are not hacked from anywhere.
  6. More than 250 servers in 40+ locations ensure that you enjoy high speed internet.

How to Use SwitchVPN Coupons?

Coupon codes with SwitchVPN will get you a reduced bill amount while you continue to enjoy the unlimited and unrestricted access to internet. If you have these promotional codes then you can follow the below mentioned steps to make the best out of them.

  1. To start with you have to choose from the different plans offered by the SwitchVPN on the duration for which you would need the plan for.
  2. It could be a monthly or yearly plan and it could be for an individual premium plan or a plan for families depending on your need.
  3. Now you choose the payment method to pay for your subscription.
  4. After choosing a method of payment you will be able to then find the provision for entering the coupon code.
  5. Enter the code in the box provided and proceed to pay a reduced amount on subscription.