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TunnelBear - Best Secure VPN Service:

When you are looking for the most secure connection to the internet where you have the freedom to browse through content from anywhere, you need the assistance of a trusted VPN service, like the Tunnelbear. It helps encryption of your connection to internet from wherever you connect, ensuring that your online activity is always private.

Tunnelbear is a VPN which when turned on, will ensure that all your incoming and outgoing data are routed through secure servers with encryption of the highest standards. Be it the network owner, the ISP or the hacker who tries to find you; their efforts will only be in vain. With options to choose from 23 different countries, you have unlimited access to content.

Why do you need a VPN like Tunnelbear?

It is well known that hackers are around every corner and they are waiting to steal data, passwords, and other confidential information from your online account. And you are more under threat when the connection is insecure through which you browse online. With Tunnelbear,

  1. Your connection is safe and secure, and you can use the internet from anywhere and connect to any website.
  2. There are content online which are not available to all regions, but Tunnelbear makes it possible for you to browse through any content without any restrictions and download them if required without revealing your identity.
  3. Your online privacy is completely safe with the ISP having no idea about who or where you are from.
  4. Most of the Ad services use your IP to track you, but with the Tunnelbear, you can prevent this from happening as it hides your original IP and replaces it with a fake one.
  5. There are often apps and websites blocked by local governments, which you can unblock using the Tunnelbear.

Apart from the above, Tunnelbear also helps in improving the speed of connection, easy to play on new servers for games, and much more with its presence.

There are millions of people who place their trust in Tunnelbear, thanks to its increased security monitoring and absolute privacy promise to the online activists.

Tunnelbear Free Trial:

The free trial is an offer where you can explore the features of the VPN service within a limited time and gauge whether it will meet your requirements or not. Tunnelbear, very unique to its features, also offers a free trial, which is limited to the quantity of data used and not on a time zone. You can use up to a limit of 500MB of data using the free trial post, which you will be required to upgrade to a plan, either a monthly or a yearly one, based on your needs.

During the free trial of the 500MB, you are allowed to access all the features of the Tunnelbear VPN service without any exceptions. You can install the app, login, and create an account and then toggle the switch on screen after selecting your choice of country to enjoy this free VPN service, up to 500MB.

Tunnelbear 1 Month Plan Deal:

Short term plans are often preferred by students and startup entrepreneurs and those who are very new to the concept of how the VPN works. As you know VPN strives to help you keep your online activity safe, private, and secure from the eyes of any other third party, including hackers, internet service providers, and network owners. You can now use the Tunnelbear VPN service, which has an option for you to toggle between 23 different countries, for a month-long period using the monthly plan.

For one month, you can connect nearly 5 devices to the same account and enjoy unlimited data along with priority customer service from the Tunnelbear team. They have multiple payment options including Cryptocurrencies and credit or debit cards. You can continue to renew the subscription after a month, depending on your requirements. The billing is done monthly.

Tunnelbear 3 Months Plan Deal:

Short term plans are the most sought after when there is a short term project to be done. And if you need a monthly plan for 3 months, then you can choose so with the Tunnelbear VPN. You can go for the monthly plan at the service and extend it every month end to another month. While there is no specific plan for 3 months available currently, the company might bring the same into picture in the future, which you need to watch out for.

In the current scenario, you can opt for a monthly plan and then continue to extend it for three months or more than that at the end of the plan period. Tunnelbear offers you multiple modes of payments, including Cryptocurrencies, credit, and debit cards to name a few. You can also make use of their customer service team which prioritizes your queries and helps in resolving the same.

Tunnelbear  6 Months Plan Deal:

When you are looking for a shorter-term plan, which is neither too short nor too long for a year, then the six-month plans are just for you. They give you ample time to finish your project while also helping you to save on the cost.

Tunnelbear currently offers either a monthly or a yearly deal. However, if you are looking to subscribe for less than a year, say for six months, then you can choose the monthly deal and then continue to renew it at the end of every month for the required 6 months period. The customer support team at the Tunnelbear is very supportive in answering your queries promptly and resolving any issues you may face during the usage of this VPN service. Furthermore, you have the option to use different modes for payment of the subscription as well, making it a flexible service of its kind.

Tunnelbear 1 Year Plan Deal:

Yearly plans are probably the best option when you know what you want, and you want to try the subscription for a slightly longer time. Furthermore the yearly plans also come at a reduced price, which makes them all the more alluring an option to go for, especially to budding entrepreneurs.

Tunnelbear offers yearly plans, which are definitely among the best of the deals as you get it nearly a 50% discount from the monthly rate of their service. You get to connect to 5 different devices using a single subscription and enjoy unlimited data on all of them during the subscription period. And of course, you have a priority customer service team that will ensure all your queries and questions are answered diligently and promptly to your satisfaction. You can always extend the subscription after the end of the one year if there is a need.

Tunnelbear 3 Years Plan Deal:

When you have been in the industry for a long time, and you know what you are looking for, then long term plans are the best deals to go for. With Tunnelbear, you can go for the yearly plans that can be renewed every year as long as you want. You have the trial period to access the features and familiarize yourself based on which you can decide on the yearly plan and how long you need it. Once your decision is made, it is just a matter of subscription.

There are no current plans for 3 years, but there is always a chance for the company to bring them on board in the years to come. You can keep a watch for such a situation in future, but until then you can go for the yearly plans and continue to renew them year on year until the three year period is up.

Tunnelbear Lifetime Deals:

Lifetime deals are nothing but long term plans that run along the course of the project or the company or the individual requirement. You can go for the yearly plan with the Tunnelbear, which is also a good cost savings on your subscription, of nearly 50% discount, from the monthly rate of subscription. You can easily renew it year on year until the time you need the subscription to go on. You also have the choice not to renew or terminate the subscription whenever you don’t want it.

These lifelong deals are built on the values of trust and loyalty, both of which are synonymously taken with the brand Tunnelbear. The customer testimonials are evidence of their performance and reliability, and you can continue to use their service for the longest term possible based on your requirements. And there might be future lifetime deals which you can make use of while being a customer as well.

Tunnelbear Refund Policy:

Given that there is a free trial offered by Tunnelbear to all its users, they do not advocate a separate refund policy. The free trial gives you access to all the features of the VPN and hence allowing you sufficient time to find whether it works for you or not. However, if you have upgraded from the free trial and you find that the VPN service does not meet your requirements, then you can log in a refund request with the Tunnelbear team.

The team will try to address your grievances first and see if they can match up to your expectations. In case of a circumstance where this fails, on a case to case basis, the refund of the original subscription is considered. If you have a valid concern and the team fails to meet up with the solution, then you are probably entitled to a full refund on the subscription.

Tunnelbear Coupons From Reddit:

When you want to get a good discount on Tunnelbear, the best VPN service, you will need to have coupons on hand. And when it comes to coupons, they might be quite easy to find too. There are plenty of websites that offer these coupons that ensure a discount on your final bill on Tunnelbear. However, if you want to ensure that you get only the genuine coupons then you need to be able to trust the source. And when speaking of trusted sources, Reddit stands apart.

Well known for its reliability, the coupons from Reddit are guaranteed to provide you with the required discount on the Tunnelbear subscriptions. Whether you are going for a monthly or a yearly plan using a Reddit coupon will help you to get neat discount on the final bill. Using them is quite easy, and you can find them with multiple denominations, as well.

How is Tunnelbear Unique?

Having a VPN service to ensure online privacy and security is the need of the hour with the increasing hacks and attack on online information. With a VPN like Tunnelbear, you can keep your information protected on any network and access any information without the fear of hacks.

  • You have the choice to choose from 23 different countries as your virtual location when you switch on the Tunnelbear app on your device.
  • You can use up to 5 devices using a single account with Tunnelbear and enjoy unlimited data and the fastest secure connection to internet as well.
  • The VPN service will work quietly in the background and ensure that your data is secure without any interference with your work or browsing activities.
  • There are no worries of throttling or buffering or other fussy issues when using the Tunnelbear service.
  • Complete reliability and strongest encryption standards guaranteed.

How to Use Tunnelbear Coupons?

Using the Tunnelbear coupons is quite simple and easy. You don’t need any prerequisite knowledge for using this as it is a self-guiding process when you are checking out of the Tunnelbear website for the chosen subscription plan.

Once you have the plan of your choice, click on the buy now button and you will be taken to the payment page. You have to provide information for the team to process the order like your name, address, card details, or the Bitcoin information to proceed further. Once done you will find the provision for keying in a coupon code or the discount code on the same screen. Enter the coupon that you have and then click on the apply; you will find that there is an instant reduction in the total amount to be paid. Enjoy unlimited data and secure connection to internet at a reduced rate with the coupons.